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Michelle has been collecting dolls all of her life, and making dolls since 1990. She started sculpting original dolls in 1993.

Dottie Dollie started life as an online shop, selling a mixture of Michelle’s handmade dolls and accessories, as well as vintage silver charms and jewellery.

Since 2012 the Dollie Face brooches have been a major part of Dottie Dollie’s range. Created using a collection of broken, discarded porcelain doll heads from the early 20th Century German doll factories. These imperfect characters had lain buried as rubbish for almost a century, before Michelle breathed new life into them, by repairing, and reproducing them in paperclay.

Each brooch is a unique character, hand painted and often with a quirky hat. No two are ever exactly the same.

The desire to be able to display and share her paper dolls from the 1920’s and 1930’s led to the creation of the Dottie’s Doodle range of  plastic pin brooches, cotton tote bags and soft dolls. Each image is digitally enhanced, and often collaged, to create a bright and colourful accessory which is always a conversation starter!

Michelle loves dancing to crackly old music, and has an almost unhealthy desire for stripey socks!

Michelle Grant - Doll Artist and Collector - Lover of Vintage Jewellery