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Googly Dolls

One of my favourite periods in history is the early 20th century, these girls allow me to relive the spirit of that era.

 Each fully jointed doll is hand painted, and dressed. Like me, they prefer stripey socks!

Hairstyles are individually created for each special girl.

Their happy, whimsical faces always raise a smile.

Izannah Walker Inspired Dolls

Inspired by the cloth dolls made by Izannah Walker, in the mid 19th century in Rhode Island, USA.

Hand sculpted head and hands, with a cloth body. Each dolls is carefully hand painted and dressed in fully removable clothing.

Each doll is uniquely styled and costumed.

Approximately 12” in height.

Queen Anne Style Dolls

Early English wooden dolls, are known as Queen Anne dolls.

I have begun to recreate the style of these dolls using cloth and clay.

The stylised and “pared down” painting style is in contrast to the lavish costumes that these original fashion dolls wore.

Occasionally seen in 18th century portraits with young girls, they were really only for grown up girls!

Paperclay Art Dolls

Paperclay allows me to create a doll much quicker that my original medium of porcelain.

Usually with a cloth body, each doll is a one of a kind.

Eyes are always painted, and clothes removable, “play” is an important element in my doll making.

Wax Over Porcelain Dolls

Nostalgic girls, with painted eyes, human hair wigs, and a hand tailored clothing. Around 19” tall.

The wax coat gives them a warm, realistic feel, but retains the translucency and depth of the painted surface.

I hope to revisit bisque as a medium in the future.